“I just wanted to get in touch to say: THANK YOU! I am sincerely happy I tried your sessions and found them valuable. I am trying to look after myself more and generally I feel better in my own skin.”

female – eczema and anxiety

“I was impressed! I have lost 12kg in two months and I have made positive changes in my daily routine and eating habits. I had an open mind about it, but I was (and am) keen to make it work. I’m surprised by how effective it has been. Many thanks.”

male – hypno gastric band

“I was recommended to Adriana by a friend. I was a little apprehensive on arrival not sure what to expect. Adriana was very understanding and reassuring that it didn’t take long to relax and start the session. I was asked some questions on the background of my problem and what I hope to achieve from the sessions.”

“Adriana explained the course of action that would be taking place over six sessions and at each point I was asked for feed back on how I felt and my understanding of each of the subjects and sessions.”

“I found it to be most helpful and thought provoking, although at times I did find it difficult, but with Adriana help I managed to understand the process we followed. I have some recordings which I listen to on a daily basis that Adriana has down specifically for me.”

“I would recommend Adriana as it has helped me in many ways. Thank you.”

female – anxiety and gut dysfunction

“Thank you for your time and support. It really helped me to understand myself better and to reflect not just on this relationship but generally on how I manage my relationships in life. I have a better confidence and sense of self. I understand better what I need.”

female -relationships counselling

“I just want to thank you for the wonderful art therapy session I attended recently. I was surprised how relaxing and calming the session was and was blown away by the revelations in my own work! We finished off with a sound bath which was both stimulating and refreshing. I would whole-heartedly recommend Adriana’s art therapy to anyone. I look forward to another session soon. Many thanks again.”

female -inner work

“I was firstly keen to attend this workshop as I have never engaged in art therapy before and am typically quite introvert so my choice to spend the day with complete strangers was a bit out of the norm for me.”

“I had lost track of time by midday and this was lovely! The day included a good balance of creative expression, group reflection and interesting interpretation and feedback, I had the very new experience of exploring my life in symbols.”

“I think that this is a difficult area to navigate and I liked your approach in keeping the interpretation open and generalised allowing us to give colour and texture to the meaning of our own and each other’s work, I was amazed at the work we all came up with and how we were able to discuss it.┬áThe fact that you were so relaxed was important and definitely something that I have taken away with me, allowing myself to be a bit more spontaneous and wondering which part of me is trying to express itself in order to be congruent. There was a natural ability from all of us to get absorbed in the tasks set and there was no inhibition about something being right or wrong, as we came back together to share our creations this was evident that we had felt free enough to just get on with it, and this was in itself liberating to see and be part of. I felt the sequence of exercises worked well and I enjoyed the storytelling aspect of the later part of the afternoon. Thank you I had a really great experience and look forward to taking part in this sort of thing in the future.”

female – inner work