Creative Art Workshop – December 2017




“ I just want to thank you for the wonderful art therapy session I attended recently. I was surprised how relaxing and calming the session was and was blown away by the revelations in my own work! We finished off with a sound bath which was both stimulating and refreshing. I would whole-heartedly recommend Adriana’s art therapy to anyone. I look forward to another session soon
Many thanks again.  (MH)   “


“Group session art therapy exploring inner self and representing this through medium of art 8.12.17

I was firstly keen to attend this workshop as I have never engaged in art therapy before and am typically quite introvert so my choice to spend the day with complete strangers was a bit out of the norm for me and so I liked the way you made us aware of the space we were using and that which was used by others in the place, the room was comfy, interesting and I felt relaxed at knowing where to go, helping myself to the coffee etc…I was a little unsure of how to use the art stuff there was so much of it and I took a while to decide what to use and how – might be nice to talk people through what there is ….anyway I found it interesting to notice for me that I clearly needed permission to actually use the things you had provided.


The space was a little tight and I think that the amount of exercises you gave us would have been perfect for two days but in this you allowed us as much freedom to discuss and explore as possible however I was aware afterwards of just how time affects my ability to relax and focus inward – I had lost track of time by midday and this was lovely! The day included a good balance of creative expression, group reflection and interesting interpretation and feedback, as a group I felt a very friendly and gentle attitude towards each other, we all shared some very personal parts of ourselves, in this I thought you were great as you remained clearly in the therapist role by summarising and observing and yet did confuse or distract by contributing any of your own stuff and still you were completely involved with/part of the group I think this made the days exploration very contained and safe and interesting you were so encouraging and warm towards us and our work. There was a spoken and unspoken attitude of respect, as you clarified at the start of the day and I think it grew from there, I felt myself and others were able to take little risks in being open about why we/I had chosen a certain picture, colour or a particular shape or pattern, and I had the very new experience of exploring my life in symbols. I think that this is a difficult area to navigate and I liked your approach in keeping the interpretation open and generalised allowing us to give colour and texture to the meaning of our own and each other’s work, I was amazed at the work we all came up with and how we were able to discuss it.


I think you managed to achieve a balance between knowing a lot more that we did about unconscious expression through art, and giving enough information to understand the tasks and guide our reflective abilities, if u had had more time then I would think about scripting a short explanation of what the group should be doing on each exercise so that its consistent and easy as possible to explain and understand. I guess the hardest thing for me was being creative on the spot, I’m typically more focused on the practicalities of life and taking time to just focus on feelings and thoughts putting them into art was very new!  And then explaining it well I felt a little unsettled to say the least, trusting that whatever I said would be ok was not easy and there was a fair bit of testing the waters for me, so the fact that you were so relaxed was important and definitely something that I have taken away with me, allowing myself to be a bit more spontaneous and wondering which part of me is trying to express itself in order to be congruent. As a student counsellor I think the group processes were very interesting, there was an amazing gentleness within the group towards each other and I do think this was partly due to the way you focused the group right from the start on being relaxed and open to the unknown, I understood that the day was about having an experience in itself.

There was a natural ability from all of us to get absorbed in the tasks set and although there was some uncertainty about what each task was about initially, there was no inhibition about something being right or wrong, as we came back together to share our creations this was evident that we had felt free enough to just get on with it, and this was in itself liberating to see and be part of. I felt the sequence of exercises worked well and I enjoyed the storytelling aspect of the later part of the afternoon. The sound bath was really quite extraordinary and a great element to the day. I think the fact that we were all quite exhausted by the end yet calm and relaxed speaks something of the value of the work the group accomplished as a whole in connecting with each other and as individuals engaged in self-reflection. Thankyou I had a really great experience and look forwards to taking part in this sort of thing in the future. (LM)


“I really enjoyed the day – the location, the people, and the activities were all lovely. I was surprised how quickly the day went, and it wasn’t until the very end that I started to get too emotionally tired to focus properly. The different activities (painting, cutting out words/pictures out of magazines, panting masks, picking out objects out of a box etc) were surprisingly meditative, relaxing and absorbing, and the talks about them afterwards really interesting. I thought there was a good variety of “creative activities”, and you don’t need to be “arty” to be able to do them (art was one of my worst subjects in school, and I haven’t really done much painting or drawing since, so it was brilliant to do something arty together with other people, in a supportive environment,  without the feeling of being compared or graded).  

Great getting opinions about our creations from other people. Oh, and I loved the initial meditation, and the finishing gong bath. It was good not knowing so much about what was going to happen in the day, it was a bit of a surprise.
I could have personally done with another longer food break in the late afternoon (but if we would have finished at 6pm it would have been ok without).
I feel I’m still digesting everything from yesterday. I had a dream last night where in the end, there was a group of us scuba diving, and we were quite deep in the sea, and our instructor (a man) was telling us how to best go back up to the surface in a safe way, and we started going up to the surface, and there was quite a lot of pressure on the body from the changing pressure in water and we had to go slowly.
:)“  GK

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