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Regular Group Events , aiming Personal growth and Inner Work 


1.  Storytelling & Ecotherapy event 

       “Moonhenge Storytelling  “


The group event is aimed the summer months and is held at Moonhege.


Why should you book?

Storytelling is used  during this monthly gathering  as a tool for inner work and personal development.

A creative way of communicating inner thought and emotions, Storytelling will support attendees to explore  and develop:

  • personal growth  
  • self actualisation
  • emotional resilience 
  • emotional freedom 
  • confidence
  •  self esteem
  • public speaking
  • stress management
  • compassion development 


The event will be held partly indoor and outdoor, refreshments will be provided and free parking available.

Occasionally , outdoor bonfire  will accompany the attendees.

The countryside beauty, along with the great spirit of Moonhenge, will offer participants a powerful connection with the nature and the wider meanings of life.

2 hours of fun and therapy for £10

Places limited to 5 attendees.

Book here.



Red House Farm, Woodwalton – see address details on the event booking form.


2.Creative Therapy  

       Group Event 

Why should you book? 

Do you want to move on in life?

Do you want to overcome emotional barriers?

Do you want to know yourself better?

Do you find difficult to express yourself verbally ?


The event offers a day of  exploring the subconscious mind with the use of the symbols and  activation of  imagination and creativity processes in the brain.   The alchemy   transformation principle will be applied  therapeutically  by the  organiser , who will  guide attendees  to explore  the positive shifts created by working with inner  conscious and inner unconscious and enabling communication between them.

This transformation process is intense and efficient, supporting the attendees to unblock emotional barriers, clarify present self awareness and enable them to project a healthier future.

The  attendee swill experience  during the day  a positive life transformation /self -actualisation.

During the event, the ordinary verbal communication will be taken over by the power of symbols, imagination and creativity, and the attendees will be guided in exploring theirs insight and bringing out to the light many of the precious assets that are hidden well in the subconscious mind.

The tools used to enhance this process are various creative activities, which do not require any talent or special abilities.

During the day, Sound Bath and emotional freedom techniques (EFT) will be provided .


The group will explore during the day a personal transformation .

  • It will help you step into the circle of creativity and self discovery.
  • It will help you release old and negative emotions and generate new energy to support you moving forward in your life.
  • Personal growth
  • Emotional freedom
  • Emotional resilience
  • Enhanced self awareness

The organiser has completed specific training, provided by “Higher Perspectives Training“ in “Working with creative arts in therapy “, accredited by the National Hypnotherapy Society and National Counselling Society.

1 day  retreat  in the countryside, £85/ticket

Maximum number of attendees – 5 


Location- Red House Farm- Woodwalton- Cambridgeshire

Please look up Ongoing Events Calendar for details/booking.