Do you want to manage better some aspects of your life?

At Talking Therapy & Wellbeing we can support you with the following matters:

Mood and Emotions management – stress, anxiety, depression, anger and many other aspects
Attachment Issues – relationships, loss and grief, etc.
Weight management
Habits breaking
Trauma resolution – Inner Child therapy
Abuse issues and Self-harm aspects
Psychosomatic disfunctions – IBS, sexual disfunctions, pain management
Inner Work – Self-esteem, Self-Compassion, Confidence, Motivation, Personal development

Talking Therapy & Wellbeing works in collaboration with other professionals and alternative / complementary therapists, to ensure the best outcome for clients.

A holistic and personalised approach to client as well as an accessible system of referral is one of our strengths.

Inner Work – is an ongoing Workshops project of Talking Therapy & Wellbeing with the aim of supporting people in the process of achieving and maintaining a state of Emotional Wellbeing.

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About us

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Therapeutic models we use

Our clients benefit from an Integrative therapy approach, meaning that several therapeutic models applied for each type of therapy, rather than a rigid approach that uses just one therapeutic model. Our clients will also benefit from a blend of EFT, Counselling and Hypnotherapy sessions if needed, to ensure they receive a personalised and efficient support.

Our Inner Work workshops are affordable and effective for group therapy as well as an open door to individual therapy. Inner Work with us involves the use of Creative tools in therapy and EFT, working with metaphor, symbols and emotions. We like to view our great self-transformation workshops as Alchemy of Human Behaviour.

Therapy sessions

Red House Farm, Woodwalton, Cambridgeshire

situated between Huntingdon and Peterborough
convenient for local villages
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Salus Wellness Clinics, Cambridge

situated in Cambridge City Centre
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Other locations

Follow the news and workshops on the website for other locations that will be used additionally from time to time.


Therapy sessions

£60 per hour

Workshops (Inner Work)

£15 per session

National Hypnotherapy Society Professional Standards Authority National Counselling Society

Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques