Adriana R Talaba  

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 Professional style:

Integrative   Approach  , working with  a combination of therapeutic styles from hypnotherapy to various  counselling styles and psycho therapeutic approaches. 


Hypnotherapy :

  • weight management
  • hypno-gastric band
  • hypnotherapy for   IBS
  • treatment for anxiety and panic attacks
  • support to overcome repeated unpleasant feeling/thought/behaviour   that affects the quality of your life
  • explore and heal your inner child
  • resolve past trauma
  •  control your unwanted habits
  •  become more confident and overcome  guilt, shame and self blame
  •   stress management
  • creative art therapy
  • inner work and personal development



                                                                                                                                                  Counselling :

  •  relationship  problems
  •  self actualisation and personal development
  •  control of  anger and frustration
  • bereavement ,grief , loss
  • anxiety
  • stress

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As a trainee psychotherapist Adriana offers  free of charge counselling, subject to initial assessment.


Group therapy- Creative Art Therapy  and Storytelling 

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You have a choice of location for your appointments.

Both locations are available for booking , depending on clients preferences.

Salus Wellness Clinics  –  Cambridge – Norfolk Street 

Located in the heart  of Cambridge, the clinic offers  a professional and safe environment.

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  Red House Farm, Woodwalton, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE28 5YL

The location offers privacy, in a tranquil and safe environment.

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Free parking and easy access to the building, along with a nice drive in the countryside will add comfort and easiness to your decision to explore therapy.



What is hypno-psychotherapy?

Hypo-psychotherapy is an integrative approach, where hypnosis is used alongside another branch of psychotherapy.

The use of psychotherapy can help with deeper problems that may not be addressed with hypnotherapy alone.  As well as helping with a range of psychological concerns (trauma, abuse) hypno- psychotherapy can also help to manage unwanted habits.

There are a variety of applications within hypo-psychotherapy and the strategies will differ, depending on the professional and the client`s circumstances.